Arkansas 1978 – 2002

Hanoverian Stallion

Performance Tested Adelheidsdorf 1981, scored 113
Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter e.V.

Image of Hanoverian Stallion, Arkansas
Touchstone Foundation Sire (1989 – 2002), Arkansas

Former member of the Hanoverian State Stud “Prussian” Quadrille, which demonstrated throughout Europe and at Spruce Meadows in 1985.

Arkansas was chosen and trained by the Hanoverian State Stud for their prestigious black and white Quadrille. This exhibition of black and dark bay stallions is part of the annual Celle Stallion Parade.

Snow white by the age of 11 when he was imported into Canada, he exuded an unmatched nobility and presence which was enhanced the moment he displayed his floating passage. Along with his exceptional rideability and talent for collected work in dressage, his value as a sire extended to both jumping and dressage.

Image of Arkansas's sire, Alderlass
Arkansas’ sire, Alderlass

Arkansas’ Pedigree

Aderlass Hanoverian 31 04203 69  Absatz  Ablanz  Termit
 Landmoor  Farina
 St. Pr. Juramuse
 St. Pr. Feder  Farina  Fahnentrager
 St. Pr. Juramuse  Jurawind
Nona Hanoverian H75644  Novum xx  Tabriz xx  Tehran xx
 La Li xx
 Nanne xx  Nivolari xx
 Nisce xx
 Alina  Absatz  Ablanz
 Salve  Shagya XXII